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Realistic Games: retaining the growth of roulette

CB: What is it about the game of roulette that allows it to maintain its place as a key feature to an operator’s portfolio? It’s just a great casino game and is something that has been around in the same format for many years, offering players multiple betting opportunities with varying odds. You add into that the great sense of expectation that the spinning ball gives the player and there is the thrill of the chase, which is almost as important for players as winning. It is a shame that many operators and suppliers have taken it for granted in recent years and produced low quality, so-called commoditised examples of both roulette and blackjack. What is more surprising, is that they have done so in the knowledge of how much the games generate. We’re hoping to reverse that trend and convince operators that a bit of investment in R&D will serve them well, as both new and existing players will enjoy the experience and want to play more. CB: How do you feel the game of online roulette will evolve as the market becomes more and more competitive? Personally, I think it’s heading in two very separate directions at the moment. There are the operators that will continue to believe that an inferior game offering a low revenue share is the way to go and then there will be suppliers like ourselves who want to continually improve the user experience. Regrettably, I think there will always be a requirement for the former but I’m hoping that the best will rise to the top. I don’t see many competitors doing the same as what we are at the moment, so the only competition will be from operators who still believe in offering lower-standard products in favour of lower revenue shares.

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